3 Ways to Stay Positive While You Are Still Single

Are you feeling ‘singled’ out when most of your buddies have found their soulmates and have settled down for good? 

If you have been waiting for God’s will on your decision to marry, I would like to firstly commend you for the courage you have shown to stand up and represent His time where most have relied on their own choices. It is not the end of the world: in this post I give you 3 things to keep you positive during this season.

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RTM podcast 2.1: Do not Envy the Wicked!

Lets be frank. We all have done it at some point of time: envy the wicked and the boastful.

Why do they get blessed and we don’t?

Why does God see their evil and crooked ways and yet decides to do nothing about it?

These are some the questions that lurk beneath our christian faith. Trust me, this podcast will give you an idea of why the wicked should be ignored for our safeguard! Click on the link below to hear the clip now!

In this podcast, I talk about why envying the wicked is so wrong and what we must understand about that.


When Life Comes to a Standstill, What’s Next?

The most challenging place to be is to find yourself in a place you never thought you would end up and to feel helpless enough to get out of it. This post is dedicated to the #KeralaFloods that happened last month. As the victims continue to pick up the pieces that were left behind after the nightmare, there is one resounding question: what is next? Find out where you stand in God’s mind amidst all this chaos…

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